• Assignee must specify the exact days they want to commence packing and when it will be most convenient for our Moving Executive or Surveyor to visually survey their Household Goods & Personal effects and submit the proposal.
  • Assignee to decide what items to move and what to discard, before inviting a Surveyor for an estimate. Be specific with the surveyor on what is to be packed and moved.
  • Assignee when planning to self pack their household goods, make sure to use suitable carton boxes and packing materials.
  • Assignee must know when they are being moved or re-located at their Company's request; check whether the corporate has an appointed moving company make sure they are told what portion of their moving expenses the Company will pay.
  • Assignee should get goals and deadlines to ensure that all packing is completed by the last day of moving.
  • Assignee must not forget to notify the post office, Insurance Company and also their friends that they will be moving and advise them of their new address maybe useful for any urgent cases.
  • Assignee must notify the relevant Departments when to take effect on the disconnection for the following works: - Telephone Company, Gas, Water, Electricity, Newspaper vendor and their daily deliveries
  • Assignee must ensure that the following must be disposed or kept aside not to be included into the items that will be packed for shipment, list of items that will be packed for shipment.
  • Check your moving hint whether you have ticked every point in it before you leave the house.